Photo from the summer school social event

Welcome to the summer school on missing data, augmentation, density estimation and generative models. The summer school is taking place in Denmark and is the fifteenth summer school jointly organized by DIKU, DTU, and AAU.


Missing data is a common problem in image processing and in general AI based methods. The source can be, for example, occlusions in 3D computer vision problems, poorly dyed tissue in biological applications, missing data points in long-term observations, or perhaps there is just too little annotated data for a deep-learning model to properly converge. On this Ph. D. summer school, you will learn some of the modern approaches to handling the above-mentioned problems in a manner compatible with modern machine learning methodology.

This summer school will give an introduction to the state-of-the-art for handling too little or missing data in image processing tasks. The topics include data augmentation, density estimation, and generative models. The course will include project work, where the participants make a small programming project relating their research to the summer school’s topics.

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Important dates

Please check the practicalities for your planning. We have also arranged some social events.

The exercises will be in the form of a team challenge. Details can be found here: https://github.com/RasmusRPaulsen/MissingDataChallenge


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The summer school will be held at Kobæk strand hotel and conference center.

Kobæk strand hotel and conference center