Social Events

Morning runs

For the early risers there is an option for a morning run potentially combined with a swim at the local beach. Martin Kjer has prepared some suggested routes that can be found below. We usually meet at 7 in the morning outside the hotel reception.

Wednesday afternoon – social event

There will be a social event on Wednesday afternoon. It will probably be a something active and outdoors that requires that the participants wear sporty-clothes meaning you should not wear your high-polished ball room shoes for the event. A light rain jacket could be needed as well. It will be fun and social.

We meet at 13:30 at the outdoor fitness area at the hotel

Thursday evening – celebration dinner

The summer school celebration dinner is held on the Thursday evening. Dress code is casual smart or whatever you feel comfortable in.

Board games

If you have a nice board game that is fun to play with friends, then please bring it. We sometimes organize a board game evening or just casual gaming events, depending on the weather and what we feel like.